4 steps to successful trend identification

weather vane
weather vane

Human behaviour is constantly changing. Due to this speed of change, it can feel overwhelming for marketers to try and cut through the noise. How do you make your brand, products or service seen and understood by potential customers? Make sure you stay at the front of consumer demands by using trend forecasting as part of your marketing strategy and research.

What is trend forecasting?

Firstly we should consider what a trend is. A trend is a response to a consumer need or a cultural change that pushes them towards a new, reinterpreted or more acceptable product. An example of this is the low-rise…

Make your business podcast series shine

Why you should have a business-focussed podcast

What’s the first thing you think about when you hear ‘B2B or business podcast’? Is it ‘Oh no, it’s just going to be a hard sell of their products’, or is it ‘a bunch of suits talking shop, and I’m not going to understand it?’ So a business podcast might not be about a crime drama, a French lesson, or a comedy show. But a well thought out B2B (business to business) podcast can be a great place for listeners to skill up, gain insights or feel more in touch with the industry.

Many people working in B2B companies have…

Three steps to a successful blog content refresh

Heavy traffic on a highway on a hazy sunny day
Heavy traffic on a highway on a hazy sunny day

Content refresh is key to ensuring the longevity of your blogs and there’s a no one-size-fits-all approach. Blog articles are not static and do have a shelf life as the topics you write about are subject to change, trends, and best practices.

Therefore, it is important to regularly check your blogs to see whether they are meeting your goals for traffic, engagement, and conversions to see if they are working effectively. You should also regularly check whether they are still ranking for your key search terms and positioned where you want them on Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). …

Podcast show notes are a must-have when marketing your podcast

Lady wearing bright pink headphones
Lady wearing bright pink headphones

Podcast show notes are a must-have when marketing your podcast. The easiest way to think of them is like a hub of information and resources relevant to your podcast recording. It acts as an individual summary for each podcast episode and collects useful links and resources so listeners can engage further.

Show notes make your podcast easier to digest, keep listeners engaged with a specific topic or guests, and allow them to ‘deep dive’ into new topics, as well as giving them calls to action and useful tools.

What Are Podcast Show Notes?

Podcast show notes are a written summary of what happened during your…

What is nudging and how to influence with sincerity

Wooden hand pointing up
Wooden hand pointing up

As marketers, we want to be able to promote our products using the most effective ways possible to entice people to buy them. One technique that marketers use is called ‘nudging.’ Nudging allows marketers to promote their product in a specific way that meets the needs of a specific customer requirement. Or, it “nudges” them to make a specific choice that is also in your favour.

Let’s take an in-depth look at what nudging is, how it works, things to be aware of, and some examples of nudging in action.

What Is Nudging?

Nudge marketing is the process of communicating marketing messages that…

Reach, Act, Convert, Engage: create meaningful actions & metrics for marketing campaigns

Neon sign says “go up and never stop”.
Neon sign says “go up and never stop”.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new marketing campaign. This is the moment when the product or service is ready to be unleashed onto the world. You can almost feel the ASMR at your fingertips!

The whole company is waiting for you to market this product successfully, and you want to get it out there quickly and in as many ways as possible. But this is the time to stop and take a step back and consider your marketing options.

When planning your marketing campaign, you should make sure you utilise all relevant marketing channels…

Remove the stress and take control

For a long time, I was a person who found walking to my desk and switching on my computer an incredibly stressful experience. Thoughts ran through my mind, such as what emergency happened during the night, how many emails do I need to work through before I can start on my projects, what meetings do I have today, and what do I need to read? I felt that I was behind before I had even begun. …

Create a personal mood board

January- March seasonal mood board
January- March seasonal mood board

I’m a very visual learner. I doodle, create mind maps, keep multiple swipe files filled with inspiring photos, quotes, colours and diagrams. These tools are mostly used when I’m working and help me to process information more easily. I also use mood boards when leading on a branding project or creating a season on social media. I enjoyed the process of making mood boards so much that I thought this might be an exciting way to organise my year, to set goals, and create a ‘feel’ for how I’d like my year to unfold.

I was also aware that I…

Why you should include touch, smell, taste, sound, and sight in your marketing mix

Coca cola and soft drink bottle bottle display
Coca cola and soft drink bottle bottle display

What Is Semiotics?

Semiotics is the science of signs, what they mean, and how they convey messages subconsciously through our cultural and social backgrounds. Essentially, it is about how signs create meaning.

Signs are all around us.

For millennia, humanity has used signs to decode the world and understand new concepts, laws, religions, and customs. Examples of these early signs are the cave drawings from Ice Age humans from Lascaux in France and religious symbols illustrating the deep connection between a sign and a message. For example, the cave paintings could represent a ritual to try and improve future hunting activities.

Take a…

Accepting acne and fighting against imposed ideals of beauty

I want to talk about spots. Zits. Acne. Something many of us suffer from, but not many of us embrace or accept, or even feel comfortable talking about.

Every day I wake up, look in the mirror and count my acne. How many do I have today? Have they got bigger? Have they faded yet? Have they morphed into an erupting volcano?

I have suffered from facial acne since I was 15, I’m now 35, and I still have spots. Having spots in your teenage years is an accepted part of growing up, a clear sign of your hormones proudly…

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