Boxed water is better
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With COP26 taking place in Glasgow this November, the climate emergency is the core issue of our time. There is now an acute awareness and appreciation of the environment, its fragility, and knowledge of our impact and what we need to do to keep temperature increases to 1.5 …

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What is the point of your brand? If you can’t answer this question, how do you expect a customer to buy your product or service? You need to have a tangible and understandable ‘point’ or ‘purpose’ to your brand to make it competitive and stand out from the crowd.


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Why you should have a business-focussed podcast

What’s the first thing you think about when you hear ‘B2B or business podcast’? Is it ‘Oh no, it’s just going to be a hard sell of their products’, or is it ‘a bunch of suits talking shop, and I’m not going to understand it?’ So a business podcast might…

Fiona Livingston

I write about marketing and Millennial life.

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